Bipolar Disorder Isn’t All Rainbows and Butterflies

Photo credit: By Tanatat

Photo credit: By Tanatat

Though this site is set up to view bipolar disorder in a more positive light, full of promise and hope, it is not meant to undermine the seriousness of this disorder in any way. As a person who lives with this illness, I can strongly relate with others when they say that this illness can be devastating and tiresome to live with as it is a difficult condition to diagnose, treat, and cope with in the first place. I would never dream of trying to promote bipolar disorder as a positive illness or condition that is wonderful to have because that would be a complete lie. Bipolar disorder can be just plain awful, terrifying, and debilitating at times, even during moments of euphoric bliss. For those who aren’t as familiar with bipolar disorder, this is crucial to keep in mind.

A few of the goals for this site is to help others by supporting them, advocating for them, fighting the stigma, and to provide a positive atmosphere surrounding a strenuous disorder.

Some may ask, “Is it even possible to “overcome” a disorder such as bipolar?” Yes. I believe it is possible to overcome and recover from a mental illness, but this is not to be confused with “outgrowing” or completely “curing” it. I, as well as many others, can be living proof of this.

I strongly believe that without positivity, one cannot heal, become as strengthened, or motivated because negative thoughts often leads to negative actions (depression).  Let this be the change of how we cope with and treat bipolar and mental illness in general. A more positive outlook can bring upon a brighter future.



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  1. Well that was really enlightening. I have this disorder and keeping a positive outlook and stress levels low in today’s world is not possible at all yes.
    Sounds to me you were on the manic side when you wrote your little sunshine piece.

    • It is terribly difficult to stay positive when living with this disorder. I try to keep most of blog posts positive if possible. I may have been slightly manic though. 😉

    • Or maybe she’s gone into remission and genuinely happier? If you don’t believe you can get better it will be a very difficult road. I have gotten better. I am a different person. I still struggle but I have a successful business and I’m self sufficient. Relationships are still hard but I’m not giving up no matter how low I may feel at times. I clawed my way out of the pit and refuse to let myself slide back in.

      • Thank you! Yes, exactly. I still have my bad days, everyone does, but I do believe it is possible to get better with help :). I am glad you are doing well!! That is great to hear. I’m so sorry for the super late response by the way! Hope you’re still doing great!

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  6. It’s so important for people to realize that bipolar disorder, depression, etc. are physical disorders that need both medical and psychological attention. It takes hard work, and it has to be maintained, in order to find recovery. In a perfect world, recovery means remission. In the real world, recovery means near normal functioning and an absence of anguish. It may not be perfect, but it’s still good enough.

  7. “A few of the goals for this site is to help others by supporting them, advocating for them, fighting the stigma, and to provide a positive atmosphere surrounding a strenuous disorder.”

    Great goals. Thank you.

  8. Overcoming something like this is very simply a daily struggle, and the little things can set you back so easily. It’s funny, someone who doesn’t suffer with bipolar just wouldn’t get the ‘euphoric bliss’ bit, lol! They think we’re just miserable all the time, but the highs are so high and the lows are so low aren’t they. Great post. Lovely to know you’re raising awareness. Keep up the good work. xx

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